You should be a learner 100%

You should be a learner 100%

On another note: the techniques that helped you achieve your goals as sales executive two years ago will not necessarily take you to the next level today.

The sales-world is changing so fast that if you don’t keep up and pay close attention to what the customer wants, you will be left so behind that you will declare your bankruptcy before the sun rises.

My thoughts about marketing in today’s world. Part 1

It has been an incredible journey so far…I love my job… I have noted a lot of ideologies. 

Before I jot down my thoughts, I have been privileged to work under four entrepreneurs in terms of sales, marketing and public relations, with this experience it helps to combine these notes. Pretty interesting I should say!

Now let me spill what’s on my mind.               

The greatest mistake I see in today’s small business companies is the fact that many of them miss out the significant point…  

To all you out there who want to start and own businesses, Generally speaking, you cannot sell a product before creating a market for it.

Unless your product is so unique… and out of this world… one has got to use the aggressive channels of marketing to create awareness.

May small business companies love to create unimaginable profit for zero input?

Well, here is a slap in your face. Free advertising can only help you reach so far, if you want a great company you have got to go an extra mile.

YOU can’t reap what you have not sown and there is no such thing as freebies for greater profit opportunities

NB:  Cheap branding may cost you everything.    



As my journey continues in search for knowledge to be on topmost… today is one of those… I practically confirm that one of the most amazing approaches in sales is determination.


It’s something you acquire on a daily basis but it’s so worth learning.


When things seem glim and diminishing… you need to be holding on to DETERMINATION.


And…That’s my anecdote for today.




Have a great Friday.

 Cheers. K

New ventures

So they say you can sell. Tell me more about it.


It’s been one month & one week… new methods, fresh environment, innovative business.

One thing is for sure, this keeps me on my toes.


I ought to add though,  I’m loving the experience. This is different in all ways.


 I look forward to telling you all about it.


Cheers. K

Tips to becomethe most productiveperson you know.By Robin Sharma.

Hi you all.

I wanted to share this message from Robin to all the productive peeps out there.

It will help you create explosive productivity so you get big things done (and make your life matter).

Here are 21 tips to get you to your best productivity:

#1. Check email in the afternoon so you protect the peak energy hours of your mornings for your best work.

#2. Stop waiting for perfect conditions to launch a great project. Immediate action fuels a positive feedback loop that drives even more action.

#3. Remember that big, brave goals release energy. So set them clearly and then revisit them every morning for 5 minutes.

#4. Mess creates stress (I learned this from tennis icon Andre Agassi who said he wouldn’t let anyone touch his tennis bag because if it got disorganized, he’d get distracted). So clean out the clutter in your office to get more done.

#5. Sell your TV. You’re just watching other people get successful versus doing the things that will get you to your dreams.

#6. Say goodbye to the energy vampires in your life (the negative souls who steal your enthusiasm).

#7. Run routines. When I studied the creative lives of massively productive people like Stephen King, John Grisham and Thomas Edison, I discovered they follow strict daily routines. (i.e., when they would get up, when they would start work, when they would exercise and when they would relax). Peak productivity’s not about luck. It’s about devotion.

#8. Get up at 5 am. Win the battle of the bed. Put mind over mattress. This habit alone will strengthen your willpower so it serves you more dutifully in the key areas of your life.

#9. Don’t do so many meetings. (I’ve trained the employees of our FORTUNE 500 clients on exactly how to do this – including having the few meetings they now do standing up – and it’s created breakthrough results for them).

#10. Don’t say yes to every request. Most of us have a deep need to be liked. That translates into us saying yes to everything – which is the end of your elite productivity.

#11. Outsource everything you can’t be BIW (Best in the World) at. Focus only on activities within what I call “Your Picasso Zone”.

#12. Stop multi-tasking. New research confirms that all the distractions invading our lives are rewiring the way our brains work (and drop our IQ by 5 points!). Be one of the rare-air few who develops the mental and physical discipline to have a mono-maniacal focus on one thing for many hours. (It’s all about practice).

#13. Get fit like Madonna. Getting to your absolute best physical condition will create explosive energy, renew your focus and multiply your creativity.

#14. Workout 2X a day: Exercise is one of the greatest productivity tools in the world. So do 20 minutes first thing in the morning and then another workout around 6 or 7pm to set you up for wow in the evening.

#15. Drink more water. When you’re dehydrated, you’ll have far less energy. And get less done.

#16. Work in 90 minute blocks with 10 minute intervals to recover and refuel (another game-changing move I personally use to do my best work).

#17. Write a Stop Doing List. Every productive person obsessively sets To Do Lists. But those who play at world-class also record what they commit to stop doing. Steve Jobs said that what made Apple Apple was not so much what they chose to build but all the projects they chose to ignore.

#18. Use your commute time. If you’re commuting 30 minutes each way every day – get this: at the end of a year, you’ve spent 6 weeks of 8 hour days in your car. I encourage you to use that time to listen to fantastic books on audio + excellent podcasts and valuable learning programs. Remember, the fastest way to double your income is to triple your rate of learning.

#19. Be a contrarian. Why buy your groceries at the time the store is busiest? Why go to movies on the most popular nights? Why hit the gym when the gym’s completely full? Do things at off-peak hours and you’ll save so many of them.

#20. Get things right the first time. Most people are wildly distracted these days. And so they make mistakes. To unleash your productivity, become one of the special performers who have the mindset of doing what it takes to get it flawless first. This saves you days of having to fix problems.

#21. Get lost. Don’t be so available to everyone. I often spend hours at a time in the cafeteria of a university close to our headquarters. I turn off my devices and think, create, plan and write. Zero interruptions. Pure focus. Massive results.

I truly hope these 21 productivity tips have been valuable to you. And that I’ve been of service. Your productivity is your life made visible. Please protect it.

Stay productive.


Seven formulas for business success. by Brian Tracy


Did you know that there are seven formulas for business success?

Number one, set a specific goal and visualize it as a reality. Play the picture of your goal as already realized on the screen of your mind over and over again. Number two, look for a problem you can solve with a product or service that is high quality and good value.

All successful businesses are based on products or services that are high quality and good value. Number three, start small and learn your business thoroughly. Be patient. Invest time rather than a lot of money.

Bootstrap Your Way To Success

One of the best ways to build a business is to start off on a bootstrap. This means that you start off with very little money and you grow your business with the money that you earn in the business, rather than outside financing, borrowing, loans from friends and so on.

The Miracle of Self-Discipline

“Accomplish More in a Month Than Most People Accomplish in a Year”
Your ability to discipline yourself “to do what you should, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not,” is the key to becoming a great person and living a great life.

When you develop the habits of self-discipline, you will accomplish more in a month than most people accomplish in a year.

The Miracle of Self-Discipline
Learn how to practice higher levels of self-discipline and self-control in every area of your life.

Buy The Miracle of Self-Discipline Package today!


Test, Test, Test

Number four, test every major move before you invest in it. Test, test, test. Don’t plunge into a business. Move ahead carefully, one step at a time.

Number five, expand on the basis of your successes, out of your profits, as you move along. In other words, only expand your business on money that you’ve earned in the business, not on borrowed capital.

Pick Your People Carefully

Number six, carefully select the people to help you expand and grow. The biggest mistakes you’ll ever make will be in picking the wrong people to work with, so be very, very careful in picking the people you’re going to work with in your business.

Use Financial Leverage

And number seven, use financial leverage. Financial leverage is business borrowing, lines of credit from the bank, which are based on the cash flow from your successful business.

The whole aim of starting a business is to develop a consistent, predictable source of cash flow in excess of cost and expenses and then to hold to the money. Banks will lend you all the money that you can service as debt with your cash flow.

Start Off Part Time

One final thing that you can do, and I’ve recommended that many people do this over the years, is if you’re starting off with no money, go to work part-time for a business in a field that interests you. It’s a great form of on-the-job training. Work evenings or work weekends. Or work on your holidays if you like.

Sometimes a business that looks big from the outside will look terrible once you start working for it. But sometimes when you start working for a business, you start to get a great understanding of how it works and you get insights on how you can improve it.

Learn What You Need To Learn

Remember this, though, most businesses fail because of manager incompetence. So take the time to learn what you need to know to succeed. Be patient. The time you invest before you start will pay off over and over again in the months and years ahead.

Action Exercises

Here are two things you can do immediately to implement these formulas for business success:

First, be prepared. The number one reason that people succeed in starting their own businesses is that they have the knowledge and experience, in advance that they need to succeed. Do your homework.

Second, start small. Some people think that they can be successful faster by putting all their money up front at the very beginning. The opposite is true. Start small and grow out of your cash flow from successful operations.

To your entrepreneurial success,

Brian Tracy

he #1 Secret To Bigger Profits This Year. By Brian Tracy

For most business owners, making money these past few years has been like trying to grow grass in the middle of a drought.

It’s been undeniably tough. Less cash available, fewer customers eager to spend it – Yes, it’s been hard.

Which is why I’d like to tell you a simple secret, one that can help you make more money, even in the midst of a drought or in this case a tough economy.

Waiting It Out Won’t Work

Everyday I get asked, “Brian, when do you think this economy, is going to turn around and people are going to start buying?” The answer I give, and you should know, is that waiting for the weather to change, or for money to come flooding back into the economy, is futile. It’s not going to happen all of a sudden.

The people who are getting rich, and who are going to get rich in this economy are the ones who discover the simple secret to making more sales, no matter what the market is doing. And these are the same type of clever people who figured out how to grow grass during a drought – the ones with sprinkler systems.

Find out how you can profit from this economy.

The Secret To Making Money In Tough Times

The silver lining in a downturn, is the smart people, the ones who have a growth strategy instead of just a survival one, can accumulate wealth faster than at any other time in history. Yes, nasty downturns like this one provide once in a lifetime opportunities to get rich.

Remember Bill Gates started Microsoft in the middle of recession and he’s now worth billions. So, what’s the one thing that holds most business owners back and prevents them from getting rich in a tough economy? What’s the one thing that limits their earning potential?

Find out here.

It’s not starting a business. And it’s not delivering your product or service. The one thing that keeps most people from being successful and wealthy is having a system for getting more people to buy, especially in tough economies like this one.

No sale, no income, no business. (You get the idea.)

Find out the simple system for selling more and reaching your financial goals.

It’s true, times are tough and it’s become even more difficult to sell anything. Prospects will tell you the price is too high, they’re not ready to buy right now, want to think about it, can’t get the boss to approve it, or worst of all, “aren’t interested”, when you know for a fact they need your product or service.

To Be Successful You Need to Close Sales – In Any Economy

No matter how enthusiastic you are or how polished your pitch, if you can’t close the sale, you won’t be successful. I don’t have to tell you that each time you lose one sale you also lose the potential for repeat sales in the future.

The first time I tried to sell my way through a recession, I didn’t know how to get past the common objections that were killing too many sales. That was until I discovered one simple truth about selling. I’ll tell you what it is in just a second but let me ask you two questions first.

  1. Who are prospects more likely to believe: themselves, or you?
  2. Who is better at closing the sale: the prospect, or you?

Discover the fastest way to make more sales and money.

The Truth About Selling More

The simple truth about selling – and the secret to selling more – is that your prospects are better at closing the sale than you are, if you lead them to it.

Once you understand this and put this breakthrough technique into practice, you’ll close many more sales. This approach turned my career and my business around and changed my life. It can do the same for you.

You can increase sales with less effort and less expense!

Discover how much more money you could be making.

Charlie Cook’s Insider Secrets to Eliminating Obstacles to Sales gives you this secret selling technique. I recommend it whether you’re just getting started or have been in business for decades. You’ll close many more sales and make more money, and it works particularly well in tough times.

I’ve persuaded Charlie to offer the first 99 copies of this business building system for just $2.95 plus shipping so you can review it for 30 days and put it to the test. Typically these get grabbed the first day, so don’t wait.

Claim your trial offer copy before they’re all gone!

To your sales success,

Brian Tracy


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“The Best Advice I Ever Got” . by Robin Sharma

I hope you’re great. Four things I wanted to share with you to help you do fantastic work and create your best life during these volatile times:
#1) I just wrote an idea-rich blog post called “The Best Advice I Ever Got” that summarizes the powerful insights that exceptional business leaders use to win. Here’s an excerpt:
“Elon Musk, the visionary founder of Tesla – the electric supercar manufacturer – told FORTUNE magazine that the single best piece of advice he ever received came from the book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy. “Don’t panic” were the words that jumped out at him, and that have guided his world-class career as an entrepreneur. He believes that emotion causes imperfect decision making since we don’t see the facts clearly. As for bad advice he said: “My parents advised me to ignore bullies. That doesn’t work. You have to punch them in the nose.”
To read the rest of this blog post, click here:
#2) Here’s a 60 second video called “Face Fear Fast” that will encourage you to do what scares you, so you lead a life that matters:

#3) The world of work is in deep disruption. Here’s a piece I wrote called “The 50 New Rules of Work” that many of our clients have used as a discussion tool for team meetings:

#4) The specially priced early-bird seats for The Remarkable Entrepreneur SuperConference 2012 are completely sold out but you can still get a seat at $2000 off the regular price for a limited time. If you’re ready to double the sales of your business within 24 months while taking more time off to enjoy life, you can’t afford not to join me June 2 and 3 in Toronto, Canada for these 2 life-changing days where I share my most advanced business-building strategies.
Click here for details:

OK. Hope you find these learning resources valuable.



unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur. By Robin Sharma

Dear all,

This month I invite you to focus on unleashing your inner entrepreneur so you innovate, execute and deliver results at a level called wow.

First, here are 5 Brain Tattoos to play with:
1) To have the results that ultra-successful performers have, you need to be willing to do the things that only ultra-successful people are willing to do.
2) The discomfort of change is always better than the heartbreak of complacency.
3) What the victim calls Genius, the true entrepreneur knows as practice.
4) Education is inoculation against disruption.
5) There’s zero point in masterfully doing the wrong things.
Second, I’ve recorded this quick learning video from my hotel room on a recent tour to help you win in your work.
In Leadership, 
P.S. I’ve put together a fantastic resource with some of my bestselling audio programs and an eBook called “The Become Remarkably Successful Digital Bundle” to help you play at your absolute best. Take your business and life to a completely new level:

People might not believe …

People might not believe everything you say, but they will believe everything you do. ~Zig Ziglar