BEAUTY THAT NEVER FADES   Beauty is her nameYes she knew, knows and will always know itBeauty was the name given to her by her parents at birthIt’s a girl echoed the voice of the midwifeThe moment they set eyes on herHer parents ignored the strange patches on her face And declared she is a beauty   In childhood all the little girls surrounds and adores herBecause she is the only one who gets Six white, pink and purple dresses for her sixth birthday Beauty tries on one after the other of her dresses She spines around and her friends declares, you are so beautifulTo be sure she looks into the mirrorNot at her face but at the buttons, ribbons and colors of her dresses  Then she thought indeed I am beautiful Her name begins to fade As the years of innocence fades tooIn senior school, classmates stare at her scornfullyPatched face for beauty is her new nameHer real name vanishedOn a bright day that turned suddenly greyYes it was her 12th birthdayAnd her parents left for heaven Through a road called accident  Patched face is not her real name  Her real name is beautyShe tries on different Make-ups as she leaves for workThis particular one seems to work todayBecause people are staring at herNot with scorn but admirationOff for a working trip to an orphanage The sun does no justice to her make upIt melts and messes up her faceA workmate tips her and she is afraid to look into the mirrorTakes her handkerchief and wipes her face and worsens it  At the orphanage she is touched and moved By the innocent eyes staring at and surrounding herShe opens up her heart with love to the childrenWho seem to look beyond her face and right into her heartShe lifts up the youngestYou are beautiful cried the angelic voiceYes, thank you sweet heart that’s is my nameYippee I guessed it right then Her mind drifted backNo one had called her that since her parents diedThe she remembered her parent’s very wordsBeauty, you will always remain beautiful For the one you posses deep inside your heartWill always show and will never fade. By Judith Alum


About klungiwe

Katherine Lungiwe is a Sales executive. One of my best quote is “If it’s going to be, it’s up to you”.

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