Too often, our minds are locked on one track. We are looking for red _ so we over look blue. Many Nobel prizes have been washed down the drain because someone did not expect the unexpected

                                                       John. D. Turner

 A mountain stream that flows down a majestic peak often has to alter it’s course from year to year. Fallen tree branches, clumps of dead leaves and dislodged rocks can make the mountain terrain change from season to season. So each season the water must forge a different path on it’s journey to the valley.  How like the stream are you? Think of this day as a terrain on the mountainside of your life. You are the stream. If you had a choice, would you seek out a path that keeps you entrenched in familiar and ineffective ways of doing things? Or would you be willing to follow down a new path_ one that holds unpredictable twists and turns that may encourage you to approach things differently? Like nature, life involves change. So the possibility of doing things the same way over and over again is nearly impossible. While the predictable path may feel more comfortable, it goes against the nature of change and growth. The unpredictable path, however, flows with nature as it guides you to an outlook that’s focused on flexibility rather than resistance.  Choose to be as a fluid and flexible as water. In addition, be much more willing to explore the unpredictable path. 

Katherine Lungiwe

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About klungiwe

Katherine Lungiwe is a Sales executive. One of my best quote is “If it’s going to be, it’s up to you”.

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