All the thoughts of a turtle are turtles…           

                                           Raldo Waldo Emerson.  

Do you define yourself by the personal role you play each day? Do you think of yourself as a small business owner, a mother, a salesperson, or an office worker? From the moment you get out of bed do you review your day ahead solely as it relates to your particular role? For example do you think, I’m a mother so I would better get the children ready for school. Or am a salesperson , so I’d better make a quota, or I’m an office manager so I better keep the office running smoothly? 

Thinking of yourself primarily in terms of the professional role you play can be very stressful and limiting, for what role will you fulfill when your workday is done? On weekends? Over holidays and vacations?  

The truth is your professional role is just a small part of what you do and who you are. There are many other roles in your life you also fulfill_ parent, friend, lover, caretaker, volunteer, and so many more. Before you automatically lock into your professional role today, think about the other roles you cam play. Think, what things interest you? Perhaps you enjoy watching movies, writing poetry, playing a competitive sport, trying out new recipes, playing an instrument. You can explore these interests by taking on a new role _ of movie critic, poet, athlete, chef, musician, for example.

Set a side one hour today then try out your different role. Don’t cast yourself in one role. Try out new different roles to explore the range of your talents and capabilities.


About klungiwe

Katherine Lungiwe is a Sales executive. One of my best quote is “If it’s going to be, it’s up to you”.

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