We want to be somewhere else, and don’t know where _ Want to be some one else and don’t know who.                               Jean Hersey.  

Self-acceptance means accepting who you are, what you look like, how you act, and where you are in your life at any given moment. But that’s not always easy. Just as life has it’s ups and downs, so does your self esteem. You are influenced not only by how you feel about yourself but also by the opinions of others.  

Yet, ultimately, it’s how you feel about you that determines your level of self-esteem. Do you wake up each morning and no matter how you look, or what others say, like your appearance? Do you appreciate your strong qualities? Do you feel happy with the things you do and the way you do them? Do you accept who you are without reservations, even though you want to change one or two things?  Even though you may want to change things about your self- a scar or a blemish, wider love handles than you would like to have, or your behaviors with others _ these things make up who you are. A healthy sense of self-esteem accepts the negative as well as the positive. 

To develop acceptance, think about something you don’t like about your self. Then say aloud, even though I don’t like ………………………. I still like myself. No matter what your defeats or imperfections, no matter what your wishes for change in your life, and no matter what others say today, accept yourself.    

About klungiwe

Katherine Lungiwe is a Sales executive. One of my best quote is “If it’s going to be, it’s up to you”.

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