In Fear lies opportunity. By Donald Trump

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I have a friend who used to follow his children around the house, turning off the lights as soon as they left a room. “They didn’t understand that electricity costs money,” he told me.

But do you know what? After he showed his kids how much he paid for electricity each month, and explained how much money spent on wasted electricity costs, they started to turn off the lights. Problem solved.

The message is, preserving your wealth is a team activity. You can’t do it all alone. Get your family members and your staff involved by sharing the strategies in this issue of Inside Trump Tower. You will be off to a great start.
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In Fear Lies Opportunity

by Donald J. Trump

The week before The Apprentice aired for the first time in January 2004, I remember wondering if that would be the last week of my well-respected life.

I couldn’t help but think that, considering all the negative advice I’d been given. All my advisors thought it was a risk, that it would bomb, that my credibility as a businessman would be jeopardized, that my focus would be lost, and that I was making a huge and ultimately very public mistake.

I was afraid. Was it really going to be good? What if it was a disaster? How long would it take to…

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The Hidden Dangers of Inflation

by Michael Sexton

Over the last few months, I’ve felt the impact of inflation more strongly than I ever have before. And lots of my friends tell me that they’re feeling the crunch too.

Suddenly, I find that I am paying about $45 for every bag of groceries that I buy. That is not a scientific measure, but it feels like an increase of $10 per bag in just the last few months. Now that warm weather is here and I can add up what it cost me to heat my home last winter, I am in shock. Even when I average…

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Divide, Conquer and Grow Rich

by Barry Lenson

As a professional journalist who writes about achieving success , I review an awful lot of new books on the subject. Each month, I receive at least a dozen books from publishers who hope to get a review or a mention somewhere on the Trump University Website or Blogs.

To tell you the truth, most new books are pretty much the same. The books about investing offer pretty much the same advice. The books about success all contain the same kind of motivational talk. Very few of the books on marketing or selling…

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“The training and coaching that I received from Trump U is priceless. Less than a month after my three-day retreat, I closed on my first investment property. I earned $50,000 in equity and am renting the property with a positive cash flow of $400/mo. I am planning to rent the house for 3-5 years, and then I will sell it via lease option or owner finance deal so that I can be the bank.  The knowledge I acquired and the information that I gained from the website, the webinars, and the coaching all helped me along in the process and let me know that I wasn’t doing this by myself. I it wasn’t for the coaching, guidance, ad confidence I received from Trump U, I probably wouldn’t have done anything yet.”

Robert Mulack

Ormond Beach, Florida


Keep More of What Is in Your Bank Account

Asset Protection 101 BookThere are three things that will destroy your hard-earned wealth faster than anything else:  income taxes, estate taxes, and lawsuits. The wealthy know this and use the kind of strategies found in this book to protect their fortunes. Asset Protection 101 gives you the power to protect and grow your wealth at the same time, no matter how much or how little you have in the bank.

Ask the ExpertsQuestion: The question, from Pete Conrad of Saugerties, New York

I’m eager to buy a business, but I’m faced with an interesting choice. There’s an older, established menswear shop nearby that is appealing, even though its sales have been on a downturn for the last five years. There’s also a franchised sunglasses store in a nearby mall which is turning a profit. The fact that it is a franchise worries me. Any advice about which offers the better opportunity?

Answer:  The answer, from Barry Lenson, Executive Editor Trump University 

Okay, Pete, I need to ask you a tough question here. Why are you only considering these two stores? Are they the first two that you’ve thought about? They are very different businesses, and I would encourage you to open up your mental “lens” a bit wider and work up a list of not two, but 50 or 60 stores to consider seriously. That might not be the answer you wanted, but it explains the kind of legwork that’s needed if you are going to be able to compare different businesses and recognize the ones with the greatest potential. For more information, be sure to check out our course, The Art of Buying a Business. It will dramatically increase your chances of buying a business that will succeed.


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