Commercial Real Estate Investing 101 (CREI 101) a must-have book for the times.

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The Big Money's in Commerical Real Estate - Learn how to buy it, sell it and make huge profits!  Proven strategies that work in any economy.

November 21, 2008


Dear Katherine, (just place your name)


Despite Wall Street bailouts and financial meltdowns, Commercial Real Estate Investing is alive and well. That makes Trump University’s brand new book, Commercial Real Estate Investing 101 (CREI 101) a must-have book for the times.

CREI 101 is packed with street-smart investing lessons you’ll be glad you didn’t have to learn at the school of hard knocks. You’ll discover how to buy at the perfect time, and how to lock in your profits early to guarantee a good deal.

Because Trump University is 100% committed to your education and success, I’m including over $2,400 in FREE Real Estate investing tools and discounts with your book order.

Ordering your book and getting your FREE discounts is simple:

Buy this book online at one of these locations Barnes and Noble Keep your order number handy; you'll need it to get your free tools Click to get your free tools!

CREI 101 provides the specific steps you need to break into the lucrative field of commercial real estate investing. This practical, hands-on guide–using uncomplicated, crystal-clear language–will show you: How to get started, how to understand and read market cycles, how to attract deals–and how to keep them coming!

Why should you buy this book?

You’ll learn from seasoned, successful expert David Lindahl how to:

  • Quickly know the value of a building. No calculator needed
  • Add 50% to the value of a commercial property with only simple paperwork
  • Purchase property without interrupting your current career
  • Buy a building with little or no risk and determine your own profit
  • Use someone else’s money to boost the value your own investments
  • Create a block-wide real estate boom with just one property
  • Make big money without ever taking ownership or handling tenants
  • Increase the value of a commercial building by up to $100,000 or more in only 10 minutes
  • Work smart once and get paid over and over and over again
  • Plus, much, much more!

Get your copy of Commercial Real Estate Investing 101 today and learn what it takes to get ahead and stay ahead in the lucrative Commercial Real Estate market.


To your success,

Michael Sexton


Trump University, 160 Greentree Drive, Suite 101, Dover, Delaware 19904

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