Accountability. By Robin Sharma

Hi y’all,

Ideation without execution is delusion. The greatest idea in the world
is useless without the discipline to make it happen. If you can’t
create tangible results around your idea then it’s pointless. Great
organizations and individuals make things happen. They do what they
will say they will do. Very simply, they are meticulous about

Being accountable means that you are committed. That you will achieve the results you promised. Too many people avoid being accountable by blaming circumstances. (Blaming others or circumstances is simply excusing yourself.) So much so, that execution and accountability are a competitive advantage. The Rare Ones are those that get things done and end up defining the marketspace.

Here are some tips on increasing the level of accountability in your
life and your organization:

Action Items
Record who will do what and by when in your meetings. Review these
action steps at the end of the meeting and include them in the
minutes. Then, at the following meeting, review progress on the Action
Steps by individuals.

30 Minutes or it’s Free

One way to make yourself more accountable is to create consequences. Domino’s Pizza used to offer free pizza if the delivery person didn’t make it to your house in 30 minutes. What would you hold yourself to in order to be impeccably accountable? Frame it in terms of what your customer wants to make it truly meaningful.

Tell People

Sharing your goals and commitments to action with others is a powerful way to keep yourself accountable. Whether it’s your client, a mentor, a friend or a loved one they will help you focus on execution when you tell them what you plan to do.

Ask why
Before committing to something ask yourself why you are doing it. If
it isn’t something critical then you may want to say no. Saying no to
the unimportant helps you focus on the few things that are.

Reward Execution
When you do execute take a moment to congratulate yourself.
Acknowledge that you have made the journey from idea to result. You
may also want to tell some others as well. If you are a manager, then
be diligent about observing and complimenting people on achieving
their accountabilities.

In Leadership,

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