If the World is Dumping Dollars, Why Are You Saving Them? By Robert Kiyosaki

If the World is Dumping Dollars, Why Are You Saving Them?


If the World is Dumping Dollars, Why Are You Saving Them?

In his latest Conspiracy of the Rich Bulletin, Robert Kiyosaki gives some frightening insight into how the world’s central banks are preparing for the collapse of the dollar – and how you can too. Don’t get caught in the coming financial storm! Find out how to find your financial high ground.

On November 3, the International Monetary Fund sold India 2,000 tons of gold for $6.7 billion. What is interesting is that India purchased the gold at the highest price in history. In other words, they do not care what the price of gold is. They simply do not want counterfeit money. This purchase makes India’s Central Bank, the 9th largest holder of gold.

– Excerpt from Robert’s Conspiracy of the Rich Bulletin

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