Live Your Life By Design

Introducing Life! By Design By Tom Ferry.

Dear blogger,

I want to introduce you to Tom Ferry’s new book, Life! By Design. Tom Ferry is a dear friend of mine and is one of the best coaches out there.

I’ve been fortunate enough to receive an early release of his book, and it is truly fantastic!

Several times a year I run across a book that I feel everyone must read—and Tom’s book tops the list. Whether your interests are charting a new course for your family or business, it’s time to start leading your “life by design”…and with Tom’s book, you can do just that.

In his no-nonsense style, Tom reveals the “Four Addictions” and how you can rid them from your life. (You’re going gain a lot of insight when you read what Tom believes the “Four Addictions” actually are.)

This book is based off of 20,000 hours of Tom coaching clients on choosing to have a life—by design. It’s full of valuable and unforgettable lessons that I personally benefited from reading. His insight is unprecedented about what stops people from truly living a life that they really love.

One of Tom’s missions is to touch people’s lives in a way that they can benefit from his experience and expertise on how to live their best life. His hope, and my belief, is that his book will do just that! (Just so you know, Tom is the father of two boys who he strives to be the most exceptional role model for. He wrote this book for you…and for them!)

Whatever you desire, Life! By Design will help you get there.

Let me tell you this…following Tom’s wisdom isn’t always easy and it will challenge you in ways that may make you think twice, but I promise you one thing…if you read and then apply the basic principles contained in the pages of the book, you will be infinitely happier and more content, and you will learn to take responsibility for your life so you can go out and become the best you that you were meant to be.

I hope you enjoy Life! by Design as much as I have. I encourage you to take a few minutes to check out and pre-order a copy there.


Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy

P.S. Just because I feel so strongly about this new book, I am going to throw in a free report just for purchasing Life! By Design. The link is below.

I’m using the honor system here, so please be honest and download only if you take Tom up on his offer.

Download your free report here.


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