Transform your ordinary speaking voice into an amazingly powerful communication tool!

Dear Nightingale Conant customer,

When it comes to important communication, most of us spend the bulk of our time worrying about what we are going to say: the words we’ll use and the way those words fit together to express whatever it is we are trying to get across.

But when it comes to powerful, effective communication, the truth is how you say your words matters far more than the words themselves!

I’m talking about your voice.

That’s right! The way your voice sounds is an unbelievably critical component in any successful communication.

Research has shown that the words you speak account for about 7 percent of what makes you believable to someone else. Just 7 percent!

So what accounts for the other 93%? Tonality and physiology: the way you sound when you’re communicating and what your body is doing while you’re communicating.

Here’s why:

The instant you begin speaking, people listening to you begin to form very definite opinions and judgments about your intelligence, your personality, your sincerity, your authority, your abilities, your background, and more.

These opinions begin to form and solidify within the first five seconds of your speech – long before the actual words you’re saying begin to take on any significant meaning for the listener. And once established, they can be extremely difficult to change. Even when the words you’re saying completely contradict the message your tonality is sending.

That’s why even the most carefully worded, painstakingly practiced speech, presentation, or conversation can go completely awry.

Communicate with charisma, clarity, and absolute precision,
using the secret weapon of the stars!

People who use their voice to make a living – like actors, singers, radio personalities, motivational speakers, and politicians – are acutely aware of this. They know that if they want to succeed, they need to be able to communicate clearly and precisely, and they need to be able to accurately predict their audiences’ reactions and opinions.

As a result, these stars spend a lot of time and money learning how to understand and gain control over their voices. And over and over again, they’ve turned to one man to help them do it… Roger Love.

Roger has spent more than 25 years helping to build some of the most successful talents in the business and entertainment worlds. he’s the vocal coach to Anthony Robbins, Suze Orman, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, and a host of superstar musicians, actors and actresses.

You may not be a movie star or public speaker. And you may never have given more than a passing thought to the sound of your voice. But the fact is, you’re constantly communicating with “audiences” of one kind or another: your clients, colleagues, kids, spouse, and all the other people you encounter throughout the course of a day.

Your level of achievement, happiness, and satisfaction in life is directly related to the outcomes of those communications.

If you want them to be as successful as possible, it is vital that you gain control of the one factor that, more than any other, determines communication success…

…your voice.

In his Nightingale-Conant audio program Vocal power, Roger Love will teach you how to truly understand the power of your voice, maximise its pluses, and minimise its flaws. You’ll exude confidence and charisma every single time you speak, and when you do, your audience will hear exactly what you want them to hear.

Yes, please send me Roger Love’s Vocal Power today for just £1.

Vocal Power

If I decide to keep the program, I will pay the the discounted price of just £35.72 after 30 days – that’s a massive 50% saving off the regular price of £71.44.

What do people really hear when YOU start talking?

If you’ve ever been surprised by the way your voice sounds on an answering machine, then you know that the voice you hear in your head is very different from the one the rest of the world hears.

In the very first session of Vocal Power, you’ll take an ‘Instant Evaluation’ that will enable you to hear yourself the way other people hear you, and identify where your vocal problems may lie.

* Is your voice too gravelly or too breathy?
* Too low or too high?
* Are you using too much air, or not enough?

You’ll find out for sure when you take this evaluation. And then you’ll discover what you can do about it.

Create vocal masterpieces with the universal ingredients of speaking success

Volume. Tone. Pitch. Melody. Pace. If you’re not a singer, you probably don’t give much thought to these things. But every time you speak, each one of these elements comes into play – for better or for worse.

You might think of them as raw ingredients. Combine them in the right amounts and in the right way using a great recipe, and you’ll create something fantastic. Throw them together with no thought and no plan, and you could end up with a disaster on your hands.

More than anything else, communicating your message and emotions clearly is a matter of using volume, tone, pitch, melody, and pace in the right way.

In Vocal power, you’ll learn how to identify and control each of these elements in your own voice to achieve the desired vocal effect: Confident in a job interview. Calm when sharing a potentially upsetting piece of news. Authoritative when conducting a meeting with employees or making a presentation to clients or whatever quality you want to express in a given situation.

And that’s just the beginning.

In these 12 “how-to”-packed sessions, you’ll learn dozens and dozens of simple nuts and bolts techniques, exercises, tips, and strategies that will literally transform your voice into an amazingly powerful tool.

Including how to:

* Instantly sound stronger and more powerful by doing just one thing differently
* Master the “secret voice” that will miraculously change every sound that comes out of your mouth
* Create deliberate, predictable effects on your listeners by controlling the sounds you bring into your voice
* Match your voice to a wide range of messages, circumstances or situations without ever sounding artificial or unnatural
* Eliminate annoying, distracting “fillers” such as “um” and “uh” from your speech forever
* Permanently conquer stage fright
* Use food and drink effectively to keep your voice in prime condition (There’s a lot of misinformation on this subject. Roger sorts fact from fiction.)
* Maintain ideal posture throughtout any speech or presentation without giving it a second thought
* Record the perfect voice-mail message (You’ll never cringe at your own voice again!)
* And so much more!

You’ll also learn how to align your new found vocal power with a confident physiology and mindset.

No more awkward hands, shuffling feet, or darting eyes. Roger will help you identify and break the bad mind and body habits you have now, and replace them with gestures, postures, expressions, and ideas that communicate strength and confidence from the inside out.

All the techniques Roger shares are easy to understand and practice. And you’ll find that they quickly become second nature. You won’t have to think about what pace you should be speaking at or how much melody you should put into your voice. You’ll simply do it. Your voice will instinctively adapt itself to the emotion and intent of every message you want to send.

In the end, you’ll know how to harmonise your voice, body, and mind into one smooth, synchronised, powerful communication machine.

Before you get to the end of the first session, you’ll experience the ways these simple exercises can enhance and enliven your voice.

And as soon as you use them out in the real world of everyday communications, I guarantee you’ll be amazed by the results.

People who know you will immediately recognise a positive change in you. They might ask you if you’ve lost weight or changed your hairstyle. What they’ll be noticing, without realising it, is a powerful new aura of self-assurance – the natural result of your inner and outer selves being completely in sync.

You’ll find that the people you encounter throughout your day respond differently to you too.

They’ll listen more closely, express more interest, and respond to your communications in exactly the ways you want them to.

You’ll never stop reaping the benefits of this remarkable information, and you’ll feel them in every part of your life.

* You’ll get all 12 sessions on 6 CDS, and a CD-ROM Workbook that details all the exercises Roger shares in the program.

* Your program will also include an incredible DVD that will help you connect your newfound vocal power with the visual aspect of effective communication. When you see Roger progress through the exercises, you’ll really, fully understand what a profound impact the way your voice sounds has on the messages it sends.

* Plus, you’ll also receive a FREE Bonus CD designed to help you make the maximum number of vocal changes in the least amount of time. The simple exercises you’ll discover in these sessions will take you from inexperience to confidence – from shy to amazing.

Every day, all day long, sounds are coming out of your mouth. Either you’re benefiting from those sounds, or you’re suffering from them.

Vocal Power will give you all the information and techniques you need to put your best self forward and get exactly what you want out of every single communication in your life. The effect is nothing short of magical!


Vic Conant
Chairman Nightingale Conant

P.S. Once you’ve put a few of Roger Love’s remarkable techniques to the test, you’ll understand why celebrities clamour for his time and pay thousands for his advice. You won’t believe the enormous impact such small, simple techniques will make. They’ll transform your voice, your image, and your entire life the moment you begin using them.

Yes, please send me Roger Love’s Vocal Power today for just £1.

Vocal Power

If I decide to keep the program, I will pay the the discounted price of just £35.72 after 30 days – that’s a massive 50% saving off the regular price of £71.44.

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