Why dont you set goals? By Zig Ziglar

The two previous weeks have dealt with reasons one and two why most people don’t have an organized goals program. First is fear; second is a poor self-image. The third reason is that, though many people have been repeatedly told they need to have a goals program, most of them have never been completely sold on the idea. That’s one of the reasons over 80% of college graduates, ten years after completing their education, earn their living in a field which is unrelated to their college major. Think about how much farther along they would have been had they determined earlier what they wanted to do with their lives.

Several years ago, David Jensen at UCLA conducted a study on the people who attended public seminars where I spoke. These people come from every walk of life and include psychiatrists, truck drivers, military personnel, household executives, entrepreneurs, sales people, managers, business owners, physicians, educators and virtually every other occupation. Those who specifically set goals, and develop a plan of action to reach them, earn an average of $7,401 per month. Those who do not set goals earn an average of $3,397 per month.

The rest of the story is equally, perhaps even more, exciting. The people who set their goals were happier, healthier and got along better with the people at home, which simply means that not only were they more prosperous, but they had a much better balance in their lives. Think about it, If you have specific objectives in your personal, family and career life, combined with specific objectives in your physical, mental and spiritual life, with a game-plan for reaching each one, doesn’t it make sense that goal-setting improves your chances of doing something significant with your life? Think about it and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP – if you set those goals. Next week we will deal with the fourth reason people do not set goals, which is they don’t know how.

This article is an excerpt from Zig’s book Over the Top. Zig Ziglar is known as America’s motivator. He is the author of 29 books and numerous audio and video recordings.

The basic goal-reaching principle is to understand that you go as far as you can see, and when you get there you will always be able to see farther. ~Zig Ziglar


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Katherine Lungiwe is a Sales executive. One of my best quote is “If it’s going to be, it’s up to you”.

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