A Good Decision: Don’t Be Distracted by .By Timothy Hartwell.

We’ve all heard them, the voices in our heads that condemn us and find us guilty of not doing enough or doing things differently. As important as your past is, you cannot change your past, but you can affect your future.

The negative messages in your mind may tell you that you’re not good enough, you’re a failure, you are not capable of doing a certain thing, and you’ll never get out of debt, or come out of a particular situation. You may repeat in your mind an event that happened in the past over and over again. This is a distraction. If the designer of negativity can keep you focused on the negative messages or your past failures, he knows you will never get to your true purpose or reach your destiny.

Examine how you respond to the majority of situations that life presents to you. Do you see the opportunity for learning, improvement, and success, or do you view most situations as another opportunity to not do well? Let’s establish some foundational truths about our lives and discover how to use those truths in place of the perceived fact or interpretation of life events; especially in the area of failure.

Our responses (positive) or reactions (negative) to any given situation are usually based upon our interpretation (belief) of an experience. These experiences can be seen, heard, or handed down to us from someone in our family.

These beliefs can have a positive or negative impact upon our thinking, depending upon the interpretation our mind gives to an experience. This interpretation can also shape our concepts of life, and drive our performance to success or failure.

You can live a life filled with love, joy, and peace. Live a life of forgiveness through the truth, and nothing you can do will separate you from the love you were designed to have once you invite that truth to be a part of your life.

Man tries to be too analytical, but the concepts are simple. Love and concern for each other, even in the business world with an attitude of serving others, will take you further than anything. Don’t try to analyze everything so much. Serve. The enemy of your future wants to make you think you cannot be loved or forgiven, and he constantly tries to remind us of the past.

The tendency can be to focus on the failures, pains, and hurts of the past, and it is all a distraction, period! If you can stay distracted by focusing on these things, you will never progress forward with life the way it should be for you.

Failure in anything when effort has been put forth is not failure, but merely a learning experience. However, there are certain patterns that we may develop, and those patterns can be detrimental to achieving a particular goal.

Some of the questions you may want to ask yourself are:

• Do I set unrealistic goals for myself?
• Do I expect too much from myself?
• Do I try to imitate others and follow their aspirations, rather than mine?
• Do I feel isolated at social gatherings or group meetings?
• Am I timid and afraid to take the risk?
• Am I afraid of success or failure?
• What does success mean to me?

Perhaps when you tried things in the past, they did not work out for you. Maybe you tried a business and it went bankrupt. So you fear you will fail again. We fear we will fail because we focus on that which is behind us, and not on what is ahead.

Don’t ever believe you are meant for failure or sickness, or to be stuck or unproductive, that it is the will for your life; it’s simply not true. As Zig says, YOU, were born to win.

Timothy Harwell is the author of Live Your Destiny Now, Not Later! Through the many challenges of life, Timothy has risen above it all. Having lost his father when he was fourteen, Timothy has always maintained the strong work ethic his family taught him. Having 18 years of experience in the construction industry, transitioning to television, then training and training development, business consulting and coaching, Timothy holds most dear the idea that we can all achieve the potential seeded within us.


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