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My thoughts about marketing in today’s world. Part 1

It has been an incredible journey so far…I love my job… I have noted a lot of ideologies. 

Before I jot down my thoughts, I have been privileged to work under four entrepreneurs in terms of sales, marketing and public relations, with this experience it helps to combine these notes. Pretty interesting I should say!

Now let me spill what’s on my mind.               

The greatest mistake I see in today’s small business companies is the fact that many of them miss out the significant point…  

To all you out there who want to start and own businesses, Generally speaking, you cannot sell a product before creating a market for it.

Unless your product is so unique… and out of this world… one has got to use the aggressive channels of marketing to create awareness.

May small business companies love to create unimaginable profit for zero input?

Well, here is a slap in your face. Free advertising can only help you reach so far, if you want a great company you have got to go an extra mile.

YOU can’t reap what you have not sown and there is no such thing as freebies for greater profit opportunities

NB:  Cheap branding may cost you everything.